www.physicsmodels.in is an ideal site for students entering into Class XI and XII, and wanting to do well in physics subject in the CBSE and ICSE syllabus. The site covers 47 chapters, which cover all or most of the curriculum needs of CBSE and ICSE at present.

The exam at end of Class XII includes chapters for Class XI as well. Hence, equal importance is to be given to all chapters and topics.

The site starts with an introduction to basic Maths before getting into physics. In the 1st chapter called Maths Starters, there are videos with animations for graphs of different shapes. A good feel for all kinds of graphs really helps to make physics learning far easier. I have also included a unique video to explain Differentiation. This is normally blindly done, but without understanding the concept. Similarly, I have included a video on Integration concept. This is expected to help greatly to reduce stress and increase confidence while studying textbooks that rely on differentiation and integration inside the physics chapters. Below is a typical graph presented with outstanding clarity and interesting appearance. In the video, the graph actually moves! This helps a student to easily understand and appreciate how this specific graph gets its curve from an equation, from origin (0,0) to maximum slope.

All the remaining chapters are devoted to hard core physics subjects. An example 3D model still from the video is shown below to illustrate the sheer power of www.physicsmodels.in to make your learning process delightful, fast, and easy to remember.

Above is a Van de Graff Generator. In a standard textbook, a student may take lot of time and frustrating hours to read and re-read the text to understand how it works. In www.physicsmodels.in, the videosareusually less than 8 minutes flat! The video with animation explains each and every important function of the parts and how they work. You can even see the sparking in above still picture.

Another image is shown below on a difficult subject called Electromagnetic Induction. Not everyone is comfortable with this abstract topic. However, Physics Models offers specially designed setups for the parts. Seeing and hearing the whole video, even an ordinary student can be able to perceive the practical arrangement much faster and easily. It may also help in doing well in practicals!

The sheer experience of such learning for Class XI and XII can encourage students to delve deeper into their textbooks and complete the chapters, without fear of the topic.

www.physicsmodels.in also covers PRACTICAL Experiments. Above 3D images are only a few examples, there are many more in the site. Another example below is for a typical Practical Experiment, to measure Thermal Conductivity of a solid material. The image itself is very clear; the video is even more easy and interesting to go through. Steam can actually be seen rising through the box! By making things easy to understand, the site aims to help all kinds of students to do well in Class XI and XII. Not only in Indian schools but also worldwide.

Online physics courses is all about rapidly covering and revising the huge syllabus/curriculum of high school level Class XI and XII with reduced STRESS and reduced TIME. How is this achieved? The site does this by offering unmatched videos with 3D images, 3D animations, as well as 2D explanation slides.

A typical physics classroom with a blackboard is useful but it may not be able to offer the same viewing experience as seen above.

www.physicsmodels.in brings physics to life.

www.physicsmodels.in is therefore a dream site which is also expected to meetmany of the requirements of conceptual understanding for major Entrance Exams at the end of Class XII. It is not intended to be a complete substitute for textbooks and other learning material. For deeper learning, students are encouraged to see specialist sites and books.